The Spinning of the Wheel follows my journey as I solidify my philosophical and theological thinking, and create methods of meditation and observance to celebrate the wheel of the year.

I practice a that spirituality is very much earth-based, and the wheel of the year I follow is for the most part the same as that of modern Paganism.  My self-identification as a Pagan has been gradually solidifying over the past year, and so too has an uneasy balance between my emotional pantheism and my rational atheism.

I seek a connection with the divine Cosmos on an emotional level, but I am sceptical by nature, and have a tendency to believe only in what can be proved or at least somewhat backed up by modern science. My spiritual practices are therefore largely metaphorical. However, I feel that religious or ritual observance and meditation is an important aspect to human nature, and find it emotionally and psychologically beneficial.

I feel that I share a lot of beliefs and practices with others who identify with naturalistic paganism and pantheistic paganism. My current practice has been greatly influenced by a Wiccan practice in my teen years, and more recently by Glenys Livingstone’s Pagaian Cosmology.

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